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Gold & silver IRA


What is an IRA?

IRA stands for Individual Retirement Account.  It’s a tax advantage investing tool to leverage an individual’s retirement savings.  A specified amount of money is contributed over the year and is dispersed amongst multiple stocks, bonds, and or mutual funds.  Unlike a brokerage account, an IRA allows an individual to buy partial shares of companies, as opposed to purchasing whole shares which may otherwise be too expensive for the individual


What is a Gold and Silver IRA?

There are two major things that differ our Gold and Silver IRA from the more traditional IRAs.  The first is that Gold and Silver IRAs only invest in just that: Gold and Silver.  The second is that your gold and silver investments are made in TANGIBLE assets.  Stocks, bonds, and funds are no more than paper.  Once that paper has lost its value, all you’re left with is just a piece of paper.  With our Gold and Silver IRA, you’re purchasing small amounts of tangible, PHYSICAL amounts of gold and silver that are stored at a third party storage facility and not gold and silver stock.  When you cash out your IRA, you can receive the monetary amount that your gold and silver are worth or you can receive your physical gold and silver 


Why a Gold and Silver IRA?

The future of our nations fiat currency is in serious jeopardy. If you want to protect your retirement with real currency, switch to a gold and silver IRA today!  Gold and silver as well as other precious metals will always have value.

Gold and silver have a legacy of wealth. 


Why choose us?

We focus on what matters, our customers and pairing you up with the best metals at the best prices we can offer. You can physically visit our stores and discuss your options directly with the owners. We are owner operated! No phone banks or robots answering our calls! Come see us today.


Our Partners

We are proud to announce our partnership with New Direction Trust Company and Dillon Gage of Dallas, Texas to offer our clients a gold or silver Individual Retirement Account.


How to get started:
Step 1: Click to begin


Step 2: Pay and set up your account with New Direction Trust.

Step 3: Fund your account and select your depository.


Step 4: Visit us in the store at 827 West Main Street #201 Branson Missouri 65616 or call/text us at 888-770-1776 to make your initial gold and/or silver purchase!

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